Favourite Videos, Podcasts + audiobooks:

I have created this page on Average Blonde to share with you my favourite motivational talks and podcasts. I will update them weekly! I hope they help inspire you, as much as they do me, to live up to your full potential and be the happiest version of you possible.

What a month April has been, for many of us, the entire month has been spent in isolation. For many people these uncertain times will make it a lot harder for us to manage difficult emotions (otherwise easily managed with our daily rituals and normal routines). But, with the gym, coffee dates with girlfriends and long walks being on a ban (for what feels like years now) – it is important we are able to find other ways to get back to feeling our best self!

I have made a huge effort to double up on podcasts, funny youtube videos (loving The Ellen Show) and good audiobooks to pass the time.

This Months Podcast Recommendations:

For Humour + Laughs..

Photo Source: Pinterest

Girls Gotta Eat Podcast (@girlsgottaeatpodcast). I have been following these girls for over a year now, I ADORE their show. Their hour long episodes will have you feeling like you’re sat with your best girlfriends, drinking wine and being hilariously inappropriate. The show will provide all the laughs you need to make you feel normal again! Their latest episode The Emotional Rona-Coaster was everything. They brought on Adela Raffa, she offers some fantastic advise on how to stay mindful during these hard times. They talk us through the emotions all of us are feeling right now with humour along the way.

Photo Source: Pinterest


The Absolutely Not Podcast by Heather Mcmahan, her hilarious show with guests like her fiancé, friends and other comedians will have you shouting “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, laughing until you spill your wine and feeling the need to wear leopard print and red lipstick from here on out. A latest favourite is Locked Up Raw.

For Wellness + Personal Growth..

Photo Source: Pinterest.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show (@Melissaambrosini). Melissa has been one of my go-tos for wellness and growth over the past few years, her beautiful energy will bring so much light to your day you will finish her podcasts feeling full of joy and inspiration! The latest episode I REALLY loved was with Dr. Afrouz Demeri. They spoke at length about how to heal your hormones, fertility, how to be the healthiest you can possibly be before falling pregnant and keeping positive and at peace through the process.

This Months Inspirational Audiobook:

Photo Source: Pinterest

“Everything Is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo, I had been meaning to listen to this audio book for months and finally started. A perfect book for times like these! This books offers you support, guidance and goodness – reassuring us that everything really is Figureoutable Highly recommend!

March 2020: This weeks video (two of them actually, they were too brilliant not to share both!) came from Oprah Winfreys latest 2020 Vision Tour. All of these interviews are incredible, they are about 45 minutes long. I have been nailing them while we are cooped up in isolation these last few weeks.

Michele Obama is, I believe, one of the most inspirational women of our time. I have read her biography and completely fell in love with her and all she stands for. Here she is speaking with Oprah – I must of watched this over three times already.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Source: YouTube

The second video I am recommending this week also comes from Oprahs’ latest Tour. This time she interviews Jennifer Lopez. They cover some really relevant topics including how to be confident, love and relationships. Check it out! (And someone please tell me where I can get a suit as bad-ass as J Lo’s in this interview!)

J Lo and Oprah Winfrey. Source: YouTube

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