Some of the best things in life are free..

Covid-19 has taught me that some of the best things in life are free..

We have been in a national lockdown for over two months now, the days and weeks have blurred into one another. There have been good days where I am grateful for all the time we have been given, to learn, grow and love! Dean was away touring with his team for months at a time last year and early this year. We craved time together again, and well, we sure got it!  

There are days when I can’t wait to hop out of bed, knowing the day is a blank canvas and we can fill it with whatever we like, but there are also days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed at all. There are days where the clouds don’t pass and my heart feels heavy.

There are days where we aren’t as patient with one another, days where we could be kinder. It hardly stems from what the other has said or done, instead it’s all the pent up frustration with the situation attaching itself to a bad mood that is hard to shake when you have no where to go. We miss our lives before this. We miss our families and our friends. We want to hug the ones we love. But we know that day will come soon! We are forever grateful for our health and safety during this time and have laughed and loved more than ever before!

Just last week we were told that we could now leave the house within 40km or so (to see family only). Dean and I don’t have any family here, you are not meant to see friends – so not much has changed for us. Although, it does mean I can take longer walks, such simple freedom has made all the difference. A few weeks prior, Dean and I were approached by police who mapped out exactly how far we were from our apartment (200m), ensuring we weren’t breaking any rules. Going even 3 miles on foot from our house has been wonderful.

As I had my first long walk the other day, I felt so free. It made me realise how much we take for granted without even realising. How many incredible things can bring us happiness, for free.

We still have to wear masks and gloves when we leave the house, no matter where you are going. This has taught me to search for expressions in peoples eyes instead. You can see the crinkles when they smile back. Just the other morning I ran past an elderly lady (giving her a wide birth) she yelled out – “Buongiorno!” (Good Morning). It made my day, I thought about her for hours after. I wondered who she may of lost, I thought about what a scary time it is to be elderly and vulnerable. 

We have been in the apartment for so long you forget the seasons have changed, the smell of flowers was soo strong and beautiful. They were popping out through cracks in the pavement where people once walked, the paths were scattered in layers of petals and the sun felt so strong and so warm I could of stood there with my eyes closed, soaking it up for hours.

I have been living in Italy since October of last year, I have always loved and appreciated our time here and Treviso is one of the most beautiful places in the world (I believe). But that day more than ever, it felt like my first time in town. Everything was so, damn, beautiful. I was so blown away by it all that I realised I my headphones hadn’t been playing anything for 40 minutes.

That morning the smell of Italian cigarettes and fresh coffee flooded the streets from peoples apartments. It felt as if the world was waking up. The church bells rang out and dogs poked their sweet little noses through the fence to say hello. Checking out who was walking past after so many weeks of empty streets.

Slow down, what do you witness as the world wakes up again?

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